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Our superior Flat Files can be ordered fitted with steel drawer guides and are now available in both Oak, Birch, and Echo Wood.  They are made with premium solid stock and veneers.  They are stackable and are offered in two standard sizes for papers up to 30" x 42".  They are available in 3-drawer and 5-drawer units.  Bookshelf units can be added for a more efficient and versatile use of space.  Use them for keeping your reference material handy, or to enhance your work area to display your favorite decorative items.  Caps and Bases are sold separately.  Drawer bottoms are tempered hardboard.  All drawers have rear anti-curl hoods.  

Echo Wood SDG Flat Files (Custom Products)
Echo Wood echoes nature's most desired species without impacting the sustainability of these great forests.  The use of common wood fiber from well managed and plantation-grown forests provide an excellent renewable resource for the production of Echo Wood.  The process of manipulating common wood fiber through gluing, pressing and slicing sheets of dyed wood makes it possible to reproduce the natural appearance of nearly any species desired.  These products offer characteristics superior to those of natural woods, making it practical to achieve the look of even the most expensive and rare woods.

Oak SDG Flat Files
Solid oak is used for the base and drawer fronts.  Drawer fronts are fitted with polished brass architectural pulls.  Our Oak files are finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer to reveal the natural beauty of Oak.  You can also order them with Golden Oak (also known as Medium) stain, or unfinished and ready for a personal touch.

Birch SDG Flat Files
Highest quality birch veneers are used for construction of all Birch files.  Drawer fronts are fitted with brushed chrome architectural pulls.  The Birch files are sold unfinished.
3-Drawer Unit
5-Drawer Unit
(All in Natural Oak Finish)
For mobility, order a set of Caster Kits instead of a base.

Brass Name Plates
Need a special cabinet?  Let us know what your specific needs are and we can design a custom cabinet that more closely meets your needs.  Simply contact us with your requirements.

Customer Testimonial:

I have received the custom files.  I couldn’t be more thrilled and if given the opportunity I will give you the highest recommendation.

I am a repeat SMI customer.  The quality and workmanship is outstanding.  Mine are prominently displayed, not just tucked away in a closet or other seldom used corner as storage. 

Best regards,
Richard S.
Minneapolis, MN
Made in Oregon with American Standards of Craftsmanship.
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