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Pictured:  TB300B ( Unfinished )
We can also build custom taborets that more closely meet your needs.  Simply contact us with your requirements.
Sturdy   -   Attractive   -   Highest Quality Material

It's easy to keep these versatile taborets next to you for maximum convenience with their heavy-duty twin wheel casters and manageable size.  Each taboret comes with two locking casters to keep it securely in place.  They are available in two different styles to match any setting and decor.
Two styles of oak taborets are available.  The Classic style of products are fitted with 1/2” raised wood rails on the top surface to help control tools and other material.  They are also made with bull-nosed solid oak trim and drawer fronts.  The Vanguard style of taborets with more contemporary lines are stackable.  All drawers are fitted with polished brass pulls.  Oak Taborets are finished with clear lacquer and are also available with Golden Oak stain finish (also known as Medium stain).
All our birch taborets are made in the Vanguard style with the more contemporary look, and are designed to be stackable.  These mobile organizers are great for your home, office, studio, or any classroom.  Standard drawer pulls are almond colored plastic, but black or white pulls are also available upon request.  Our beautiful birch taborets come to you unfinished so you may add your own personal touch with your choice of paint or stain.
Pictured:  TB700T in Natural Finish
Pictured:  TB700 in Natural Finish
Pictured:  TB550B ( Unfinished )
Pictured:  TB550 in Natural Finish
Pictured:  TB800B ( Unfinished )
Our NEW melamine taborets are made in the Vanguard style with a contemporary look.  They are designed to be stackable and offer sensible balance between functionality, attractive design, and great value.  They are constructed with the highest quality non-porous melamine, thermally fused to an industrial grade particle board core.  Standard drawer pulls are smooth white plastic for a clean look (black or almond color pulls are also available).  Our beautiful melamine taborets are shipped read to assemble.
Pictured:  TB800M
Pictured:  TB400M
Pictured:  TB600M
Pictured:  TB700M
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Customer Testimonial:

“I am in receipt of my 5 drawer taboret.  I love it.  It is such a pleasure to see American goods still produced in this fine manner.  We have been forced to buy less quality merchandise, because pieces such as yours are not offered often.”

T. D. Albert
New York City, NY
     - Oak Taborets
     - Birch Taborets
Made in Oregon with American Standards of Craftsmanship.
Pictured:  F1518-29FC in Natural Finish